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Lvmu on rebranding, fresh mixtape

Meet Lvmu, formerly known as R12, a seasoned Motswana musician, singer, songwriter, record producer and businessperson.

Born and bred in Windhoek, Lvmu is committed to creating captivating musical experiences that connect with audiences all around the world, with a renewed focus on developing African music, particularly amapiano and Afrobeat.

He says he became interested in music at a young age after being influenced by songs from KK and Lil D’s classic tune ‘We Go Hard’, and at the age of just 13, he started his career as a rapper.

Lvmu has worked hard to perfect his art and broaden his skill set to encompass beat-making, recording, mixing and mastering.
He also went into music video production, learning how to take and edit eye-catching pictures.

“My diverse talent has been strengthened by the use of my newly acquired expertise to direct music videos for other Namibian musicians,” Lvmu says.

Under the name R12, Lvmu made an impressive entry into the music industry in 2021 with the release of his first track, ‘R.E.A.L Freestyle’, followed by his second single, ‘No Days Off’.

His talent was on display in these early releases, which attracted attention and laid the groundwork for his musical career.

However, Lvmu decided to develop his artistic identity last year, propelled by a tireless quest for excellence and a desire to engage in producing true African music.

Lvmu took a break during this transitional time, devoting himself to honing his sound and discovering new musical realms.

“I underwent a profound artistic rebirth during this introspective phase, culminating in the birth of my new stage name, Lvmu.”
He says he aims to express the essence of African music, particularly amapiano and Afrobeat, by incorporating strong cultural elements and a unique musical aesthetic into his artistic work.

Lvmu is now prepared to make a comeback and is armed with a fresh sense of purpose and an unrelenting dedication to creating extraordinary musical experiences. Lvmu comes as a visionary artist ready to captivate audiences with his incredible talent, contagious melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics after using his hiatus as a transforming voyage of self-discovery.

Entering the international stage, the singer promises to bring with him the results of years of hard work, dedication and artistic development.

“I set out on a mission to redefine African music, seamlessly fusing traditional elements with modern production techniques,” he says.


Lvmu recently released a mixtape called ‘The Lost Island Demos’ under his new name, which he says is a collection of tracks he recorded in 2021.

“I lost the files, but still had the exported demos and I had chosen to put the project together,” he says.

There are 19 tracks on the rap and hip-hop mixtape. The singer worked with a few producers, including TXNGOS, Devitchi, Wholesomezhan, and Kayasa, but says he was the main producer.

He featured up-and-coming musicians such as Greezy, Diamonds, Mega, Stanzo, Showtime, Gwan 9000, Preme Jivi, and Legroovejam on the mixtape.

“The mixtape is primarily something for Namibian hip-hop fans because I’m just speaking about what I was experiencing at the time and I know others will be able to relate because of the things I’m discussing on the songs,” he says.

The mixtape is accessible on all music streaming services. “I won’t be doing any videos for the project because it is to introduce people to my sound before the visual component.”

His public short social media clips are accessible on his Instagram and Tiktok accounts under the handle @lvmuofficial.