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Major dams’ water levels drop drastically

Several major water reservoirs in the country have seen a significant drop in water levels compared to the previous two periods. Notably, Swakoppoort Dam, which was at 87% full last year, has dropped to 63% during the same period this year.

This is according to the hydrology report from the Ministry Agriculture, Water and Land Reform.

Another reservoir that has experienced a drastic decrease in water volume is Von Bach Dam. In August last year, it stood at 51%, but this year, it has plummeted to 21% this year.

The situation is even more concerning at Omatako Dam, which was at 8% full on 1 August last year. This year it has reached a critically low level of 0%.

Similarly, Friedenau Dam, which was 85% full last August, now stands at 66%.

However, not all dams are facing a downward trend. Tilda Viljoen Dam, for instance, witnessed a slight increase in water volume compared to the previous period. It stood at 26% last August and it is 30% full now.

Another encouraging shift has been noted at Olushandja Dam, whose water level has increased from 13% last year to 33% this year during the same period, more than doubling the volume.

In addition to Omatako Dam, other dams have hit rock bottom, at 0%. These include Otjivero Silt Dam, Bondels Dam and Omatjenne Dam.