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Nam influencer’s global style journey

EVER wanted to receive free promo packages from online sites like Oh Polly, ZAFUL, or even Romwe?

For Loini Megameno Ashipala (21), a physiotherapy student from Ongwediva, this dream became a reality after she ventured into the world of social media influencing.

Balancing her academic pursuits with a thriving influencer career, Ashipala has become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring influencers in Namibia and beyond, while her distinctive fashion sense and captivating content have caught the attention of renowned brands, catapulting her into the spotlight.

Ashipala’s journey as a social media influencer began two years ago, driven by her passion for fashion and a desire to share her knowledge with a wider audience on Instagram, where she discovered a fulfilling outlet for her creativity.

“I’ve always found a certain satisfaction in clothing and putting together outfits, so I knew I wanted to share the information and knowledge I have on fashion and styling on a platform that would reach as many people as possible,” she says.

Encouraged by a colleague’s advice, she took the leap and embarked on her influencer career. Navigating the local landscape, however, where the community is still progressing, hasn’t been without its challenges. One significant hurdle Ashipala faced was the limited earning potential from campaigns.

She remains undeterred though and understands that building a thriving influencer community takes time.

“Our country’s community is still growing, and I’ve learned to be patient with this fact,” she says.

It is her perseverance and dedication that allowed her to build a strong foundation and attract collaborations with international brands, she says.

Her path has not been without its share of rejection and obstacles either – like encountering brands that deem her unfit for their image.

“I’ve been told that I do too much with my style. My offers for collaborations with most Namibian brands have been declined because ‘I’m not fit’ for their brand,” says Ashipala.

Nonetheless, she says she remains resilient and grateful for the deals and collaborations she has managed to secure.

Her positive outlook and unwavering determination drive her to strive for even greater opportunities, both locally and internationally, she says.

With each package she receives, whether it’s trendy clothes, stylish shoes, or beauty essentials, Ashipala effortlessly incorporates them into her content, showcasing her styling expertise and inspiring her followers.

Among her most memorable collaborations was a partnership with Oh Polly, which opened doors for her, solidified her presence in the industry, and propels her toward greater success.

A key aspect of Ashipala’s success lies in understanding her audience, strategising her content, and maintaining a niche.

“Having a niche is important because it attracts a constant audience who relies on your page for a specific idea,” she advises.

By engaging with her followers through captivating stories, shareable posts, and well-timed promotions across various platforms, she continues to grow her presence and impact.

Balancing the demands of academics and her influencer commitments requires careful time management and a well-laid-out plan, she says.

“School always comes first, but having a well-laid-out plan for all my social media accounts helps me a lot!”

By working around her academic schedule, she ensures that she fulfills her influencer responsibilities without compromising her education.

Ashipala has managed to unlock a door to success, proving that anyone with a dream and the drive can unleash their influence and chase their aspirations. Through her captivating content, unwavering authenticity, and commitment to empowering others, she has carved out a unique space for herself. And with every collaboration and every inspiring post shared, Ashipala paves the way for a new generation of Namibian influencers, leaving an indelible mark on the world of social media.