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Nampa employees press on for better working conditions

Namibia Press Agency (Nampa) employees have requested a meeting with the board to discuss better working conditions at the organisation.

Employees at the state-owned news agency handed over a petition to the board chairperson Ndeuhala Katonyala-Lewis on Wednesday after two days of demonstrating at the Nampa headquarters.

According to the petition, Nampa policies are disregarded and only applied when they favour management. It added that policies are not only applied across the board, but at face value as well.

“We, therefore, demand that policies be reviewed in consultation with workplace representatives,” the petition read.

The petition highlights issues such as dictatorial rule, clarification of job roles of management, employee recognition and invasion of privacy.

According to the petition, these issues have created a working environment that is detrimental to employees’ wellbeing.

“What makes the current situation even more worrying is that despite these unresolved issues, we are being informed that Nampa plans to implement new initiatives under the strategic plan … seemingly ignoring the fact that staff members are unhappy,” the petition reads.

Journalist Hesron Kapanga said it is unfortunate that employees must work under a dictatorial management.

Kapanga said employees want to understand the roles of management at Nampa.

“The role of management, in many instances, is being carried out by employees, however, management gets compensated on the level of managers,” he said.

Katonyala-Lewis, who received the petition on behalf of the board, said it is important for the board to hear the cries of the aggrieved employees.

“If employees feel aggrieved, it is important to engage them and to ensure that everybody at Nampa follow the necessary processes … and we comply with the set policies,” Katonyala-Lewis said.