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Ogilvy facilitates workshop to empower influencers

In a recent workshop organised by marketing and communications agency, Ogilvy, some Namibian influencers were provided with valuable insights and tools to enhance their businesses in the digital age.

Notable figures in attendance included Yeezir, TopCheri, Adriano Visagie, Emily Kandanga, DJ Castro, Pukuu, Lady Diana, Adora, Twinfluencer and KP Illest.

The workshop focused on delivering tailored solutions to address the individual needs of each influencer, spanning areas such as reporting, operational processes and other valuable resources. The sessions covered topics like international trends, strategies to improve statistics and brand positioning and effective client presentation techniques.

Daisy Silva, a representative from Ogilvy, explained the selection process.

“As a starting point, we invited the various influencers we have relationships with and with whom we worked over the years. We are excited at the opportunity to work with more members of the influencer community,” she said.

Throughout the workshop, the Ogilvy professionals facilitated interactive discussions that aimed to deepen the influencers’ understanding of the extensive capabilities and benefits offered by the agency’s advanced digital solutions. The participants engaged in insightful conversations, exploring ways to leverage international trends within the local market. They also exchanged ideas on quick solutions to enhance brand identity and statistical performance.

Silva further expressed Ogilvy’s recognition of the talent within the Namibian influencer community. She stated, “Namibia has a lot of talented individuals. This is something that we are currently unpacking, with our local team, but also with the support of our global partners.” The agency is actively working towards exploring collaborations with international brands to provide Namibian influencers with exciting opportunities for growth and exposure.

The workshop organised by Ogilvy exemplifies the agency’s commitment to supporting the growth and success of Namibian influencers in the digital landscape. By providing tailored solutions and sharing industry insights, Ogilvy aims to empower influencers to thrive in the ever-evolving world of social media and digital marketing.