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Senior Oat merges faith and clubbing

Senior Oat, a talented deep house producer, DJ, and vocalist from Limpopo, South Africa, has successfully merged his faith with the nightclub scene.

The artist, whose real name is Garret Miller, says as a born-again Christian, he initially faced challenges in reconciling his beliefs with the nightclub environment.

However, he says he embraced his unorthodox calling to touch lives and “guide lost souls back to the Lord” while delivering infectious beats on the dance floor.

“As a devout born-again Christian, I understand that some may assume I have no place in the nightclub scene.

“However, much like Jesus himself, I have defied expectations and embraced this unorthodox calling . . ,” Senior Oat says.
One of the highlights of his career was the release of his hit song ‘All in You’ in 2022, he says.

Reflecting on his achievements, he expresses deep gratitude for the ability to create music that resonates with people’s hearts and the unwavering support of his fans.

Senior Oat says he firmly believes when people hear his music in clubs, it sparks contemplation and introspection when they return home.

He says he draws inspiration from Fernando Ortega, a respected American gospel artist, whose artistry and devotion have encouraged him to fearlessly pursue his calling.

Senior Oat defines success as reaching as many ears and hearts as possible.

Namibia holds a special place in his heart, he says.

Having visited the country multiple times, he expresses his affection for Namibia, its people, and their support of his craft.
The love he has received from Namibians has made a lasting impression on him, he says.

Despite battling anxiety, Senior Oat says he finds solace in prayer as part of his pre-performance routine.

Connecting with a higher power gives him the strength and courage to deliver captivating performances that deeply resonate with his audience, he says.