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Transgender People and Freedom

I AM A transgender woman born and raised in Namibia.

I have completed my high school career, just like any ordinary child.

I have worked to be where I want to one day.

Why are we not seen?

Like any other Namibian, we vote, and our votes count.

Is that how we’re used? I say it’s enough.

We also want to live free from stigma, labelling and discrimination.

Just like any other human being, we have feelings and emotions.

We did not choose to be the way we are. We were born this way.

We save lifes, we teach your children at schools, treat you at hospitals, and help you at police stations.

I am writing this because my heart is bleeding.

After all I have done for Namibia, this is what I’m getting.

Let’s consider in which direction this country is headed, and how we’re ruling it.

Let love take over, not hatred.

Do we as Namibians really know how to love, care and hold hands?

Ag, shame, I don’t think so.

Let’s look at some other countries, where everyone is happy and proud to say where they are from.

Unity, liberty, justice.

Do we ever consider those three words and their meaning?

United we stand, divided we fall.

I think we are falling as a country when we do not hold hands or stand together.

So, let me be free.

We need freedom.

Transgender Citizen