Africa Magic introduces double the drama, double the magic with Riona and Enakhe

Africa Magic introduces double the drama, double the magic with Riona and Enakhe

As a DStv subscriber, you enjoy a wide range of binge-worthy entertainment that keeps the excitement gushing all day, every day but if you thought that was as good as it gets, it’s about to go up two notches.

Did somebody order a double?

Subscribers on DStv Compact and Premium are about to enter two worlds of back-to-back drama with a double bill of brand new Africa Magic Original shows, RIONA & ENAKHE.

RIONA is a fantasy drama set in the pre-colonial kingdom of Itsekiri. It is a tale of star crossed lovers separated by obstacles and trying to find a path to each other. It is said that the wicked King Otokun will perish at the hands of a child born under the rising of a dark moon, and so fate shows itself when two children born under the dark moon cross a complicated path on their way to fulfil the dark prophecy. Will you be for Fate or against it?  Choose a side as RIONA premieres on Monday September 28th at 8pm on Africa Magic Showcase channel 151.

ENAKHE takes us through the journey of a woman who is elevated to power after the death of her father. She not only inherits his business empire but also his deepest darkest secrets. Set in Benin city, Enakhe contains elements of crime drama and African fantasy, with a storyline that will keep your eyes peeled. Will Enakhe Iwosa become the head of the snake? Find out as ENAKHE

Go ahead and upgrade your DStv subscription to Compact Plus or Premium to enjoy one whole hour of double-billed drama with Riona and Enakhe, every weekday on Africa Magic Showcase Channel 151, from 8 pm. Visit for more details.

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