Amaechi reveals two things that will reduce crime, better security in Nigeria

Rotimi Amaechi, the Minister of Transportation, has disclosed that economic and infrastructure development would reduce crime and give better functionality to the security agencies in Nigeria.

Amaechi stated this while delivering a lecture to participants of the National Defence College Course 29 on Friday in Abuja.

The politician recalled how he was able to tackle unrest and chaos among the people during his time as Governor of Rivers State by addressing deficits in infrastructure development.

Amaechi said: “To create jobs, we had to construct roads and other infrastructure projects.

“This process saw a lot of people being engaged, and insecurity dropped drastically.

“In Rivers state, we built over 350 Model Primary Schools, which wasn’t just to improve the standard of Education and enlightenment but create employment also.

“We’ve done a lot in infrastructure development and employment. The massive infrastructural development in the Railway sector has employed so many Nigerians.”

He added, “The Army is not supposed to give internal security, but the Police are overwhelmed by the crime rate. Hence the Army has consistently been rescuing Nigerians.

“Economic growth reduces crime, and when there’s no crime, the Military and Police can rest.”

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