DJ Cuppy teases fans with latest Rema and Omah Lay collaboration

The Nigerian music industry is both fascinating and lively. It would seem that Nigeria owns the bulk of music stars in the continent with no intent of slowing down.

As a result, there seems to be no cause for worry when we think about the future of our music industry. If anything, there is more cause to worry on the influx of young artists in the country, than a decline in hit records.

Amongst these new artists springing up rapidly, none is more talked about than Rema, who has become the epitome of the ‘the new kid on the block.’

Rema since making his debut has won the hearts of young Nigerians all over, with his new infectious sound. He has made a name for himself by creating a unique sound, one that infuses our indigenous afrobeat and American Hip-hop/trap sound. He also has a distinct voice, placing him ahead of the pack.

Perhaps this is why any song he releases or intends to release sparks a conversation. And as we all know, it’s only bug name artist who can command this sort of respect.

Another young artist who is gaining the attention of Nigerians is a young singer called Omah Lah. He too rides on the trend of creating a unique sound, and Nigerians are loving it. So much so that he has gotten enough recognition to spotted on an ambiguous picture.

Earlier today on Twitter, Dj Cuppy posted a riddling picture on her Twitter, asking fans to guess who she is going to feature in her next record.

The picture has since gone viral, with fans giddy, over the possibility of a collabo between these three artists.

This is especially because DJ Cuppy has a knack for collaborating with popular artists on her songs, which almost always turns out to be a hit.

However none of her collaborations have garnered this much excitement, and fans seem like they can’t wait to hear what she has in store.

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