#ENDSARS: They removed my bra, beat me with gun, says lady dragged to Ojuelegba Police Station in viral video

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#ENDSARS: They removed my bra, beat me with gun, says lady dragged to Ojuelegba Police Station in viral video
A file photo from the ENDSARS protests.

By Onozure Dania— Lagos

One of the ladies dragged to Ojuelegba Police Station for videoing policemen shooting at the #ENDSARS protesters, Felicia Okpara, on Friday, testified before the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry and Restitution for Victims of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) related Abuses and other Matters.

Felicia Okpara told the panel that one of the policemen was so enraged he was “flogging” her with the gun, until Desmond Elliot came to her rescue.

When the officer later realised what he was doing, he turned to using the butt of the gun on her. This was after they made her take off her brassiere.

Recall that at the peak of the #ENDSARS protest a video showing some ladies being dragged from Barracks Bridge across the road to Ojuelegba Police Station went viral. Felicia Okpara was one of the ladies in the video.

She told the panel that she had gone for a job interview on October 12 and was asked to effect some corrections on her CV.

She searched in vain for a cyber cafe and was on her way home when she ran into the #ENDSARS protesters and decided to join.

When policemen started shooting and everyone ran for safety, she decided to make a video of the chaos.

It was while she was making the video that the policemen from Ojuelegba Police Station descended on her.

She said: “After taking off my bra, one policeman went inside to bring a broken mop stick and used it on a guy that was also arrested.

“He went out and came back with the same anger and started beating me with a gun. I was scared that he would pull the trigger.

“I think he realised what he was doing and then stopped and started using the gun butt to beat me, while threatening to take me to Panti or Kirikiri.”

The 27-year-old single mum said they were later taken upstairs and then brought downstairs, which was when she saw Desmond Elliot.

“Desmond Elliot asked where are the two ladies in the video trending online; that was when I knew he came for me. He made them release me and gave me N6,000. It was at about 10p.m.

“I was stinking and traumatised. There was no vehicle. I walked to Yaba. I could have been raped that night.

“I asked a man if I could get a cab home, he said no that I should come and sleep in the bus. I looked for a hotel, paid with the N6,000 Desmond Elliot gave me and slept till 4a.m.

“I couldn’t even take off my clothes,” Felicia Okpara added.

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