Global Warming Can Be Soften By Renewables

Our modern technology gave birth to what we see today as alternative option for energy drive. It is intended to shift completely to the known energy sources in order to understand the need for renewable energy.

The reason why we need this as a goal is that projection shows that by 2030, global energy will actually come from the renewable energy because they are absolutely clean for the fact that they are generated from natural processes like sunlight, wind, water, various forms of biomass, etc. that are continuously replenished, they avoid polluting dirty fossil fuels.

More than 52% percent of energy used globally comes from petroleum, coal or uranium, the increase is driven by the economic growth and demand, more especially in China – the world’s largest energy user since 2007. In Nigeria, even though we are the largest economy, one of the richest oil resource centres of Africa, we remain the largest gas consumer, but power sector reforms are still underway with no plans for proper electrification.

But countries like Haiti, South Sudan, Eritrea and Tanzania are seen to be the least consumed per capita, yet their electricity is more stable than Nigeria.

That shows for us to take advantage of renewable energy in solving climate change or warming, there is a need to examine critical trends in continual consumption as an aid to conservation and development of new alternatives, with reference to primary fossil and electricity.

Last week, we discussed how to engage ourselves in the fight to protect our environment, in which we emphasised that the most important aspect of protecting our planet is to cut down what you throw away as a waste.

You may need to follow the three “R’s” that is reduce, reuse, recycle. Hydration is dangerous for your health, but don’t do it at the expense of the environment. Besides being uncertain for your health, plastic water bottles are really not great for the environment––parts of them can’t be recycled yet, and they often end up being eaten by marine animals.

Do your own part to help out by using a reusable water bottle. Therefore, if we adopt these principles, we shall definitely meet up the task of reducing global warming. In fact, renewable energy, together with energy efficiency, form the cornerstone of the mitigation strategy in climate change. Both of them depict a safe and immediately deployable pathway to a low carbon future that can achieve over 90 per cent of the energy-related CO2 emission reductions needed to meet climate goals. In order words the increasing supply of renewable energy would allow us to replace carbon-intensive energy sources and significantly reduce US global warming emissions.

With all these facts and figures, we are convinced that renewables can play vital roles in softening global warming. Therefore, the consumption of non-renewable resources calls for a close association of technology and technological progress. This can only be possible if technological advancement allows for a meaningful increase in the efficiency of the consumption of these resources in the future and the increased development of renewable sources.

Energy use is changing fast and the shift to renewable sources, however, needs to happen faster, not just in power generation but in heating, buildings and transport, to check the rise in global temperatures.

Renewables could supply four-fifths of the world’s electricity by 2050, massively cutting carbon emissions and helping to mitigate climate change. But solar and wind power have to be fully integrated, with sustainable bioenergy providing another key part of the mix.

All this means speeding up innovation in business and technology. Above it all, it means taking action to promote renewable energy today.

Sadly, here in Nigeria climate change and global warming has been evidently changing in temperature, variable rainfall, rise in flooding and desertification among others. In particular, climate change will obstruct all efforts to reduce the poverty experienced by some Nigerians.

It will retard the drive to ensure equity in the distribution of development benefits, particularly among women and men; and it will check the effort to promote sustainable livelihoods. In addition, climate change will likely lead to other changes such as ecosystem degradation and reduced availability of water and food.

It is therefore likely to become a major driver of increased human conflict.
The best way to start up strategies of preventing climate change, global warming through renewables is to start, as a matter of urgency powering our homes with renewable energy, invest in energy-efficient appliances, reduce water waste and above all create awareness about climate change in our community by focusing on local or regional impacts.

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