I dread going home after work ‘cos my wife never ceases to threaten and fight me —Husband

•He borrowed out of my business capital but refused to pay me back —Wife

Oja Oba/ Mapo Court C  Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has dissolved the eight-year-old wedlock between a man, Taofeek Olarenwaju and his wife, Mariam Olanrewaju.

Taofeek who filed a divorce suit against his wife accused her of being troublesome, disobedient and uncaring.

The plaintiff added that he was always afraid of going home after work because the defendant had made their home unwelcoming for him.

Mariam admitted to claim stating that he had failed in his responsibilities towards her and their only child.

The court president, Chief Ademola Odunade after he had heard both parties observed that their union had broken down irretrievably.

Ruling, he declared their marriage dissolved and granted custody of their child to the defendant.

The plaintiff was asked to pay to the defendant, the sum of N5,000 monthly as their child’s feeding allowance.

The defendant was instructed to make the child available any time the plaintiff desire to see him.

The process according to Odunade must be carried out in line with the court’s injunction.

Odunade further ordered the plaintiff to give the defendant the sum of N3,000 to pack her belongings from his house.

“My lord, as a responsible man I give my family the needed attention. I ensure they are comfortable and that their needs are met on regular basis but all I get in return for these are harsh and unfriendly attitude from my wife.

“It’s been long since I enjoyed peace in our home because Mariam is always on my neck.

“Mariam is  a trouble woman who never ceases to find fault in whatever I do.

“My wife derives pleasure in disobeying me. She flouts my order at will.

“He addresses me rudely and threatens me all the time. My lord, I always dread going home after working hours because Mariam is a trouble maker and would always find an opportunity to fight me.

“I left the house for Mariam because I didn’t want her to push me into committing crime.

“I pray this honourable court to separate us today,” he stated

“My lord, all my husband said are lies,” Mariam told the court.

“I never threatened my husband neither did I make our home inhabitable for him.

“Taofeek has failed to take care of me and our only child. He doesn’t care to know how we survive each day.

“I lent my husband some money out of the capital from my business but he failed to pay back.

“My lord, all the reasons my husband gave for wanting to divorce me are flimsy excuses. He dragged me to court because he had a misunderstanding with my first child who I had for another man, but brought along with me when he married me.

“The child has moved out of our home in order for peace to reign but Taofeek obviously remains not pacified,” she concluded.