Kamal releases new EP, 'Unapologetic'

The EP has five tracks.


Upon releasing the EP, he says, "Unapologetic is my current state of mind and my best work yet. It is a state of mind I’ve attained by finding harmony in the good and the bad events of my life that has shaped and still shaping me into who I am and will be.

"It is a submission to the fact that I’m just a propeller in the course of the universe actualizing its goals through me. It’s a courageous acceptance of myself, of change, and consequences of my actions, and a push towards being better over being sorry for myself.

"These are the emotions that led me through the creation of this project and my quest to explore music composition with no restrictions. The project maintains Afro beats basics with the fusion of other genres and sounds such as jazz, alternative sound, R&B, Fuji, calypso, and more.

"It’s been enlightening, emotional, fun, discouraging, and encouraging working on this project, and I am happy to finally share it with you. I hope that you catch the unapologetic vibe."


On blockbuster, I give insight into my personality. It’s a track that reminds me of the go-getter that I am, to keep on moving against all odds and remember that what I’m making is a blockbuster.

2 - ALL LOVE (Good Vibes)

All Love is a track to ward off negative vibes and energy. This mid temple urban groove track will put you in a mood to feel good about yourself and not give attention to negative energy, and if at all you have to, reciprocate with love and good vibes.


This is a song that takes a non-judgmental view on the influence of money in love and relationship. This calypso fusion Afro-pop track is the perfect happy dance track.


Ikeja is an upbeat club jam with so many emotions running through it. It explores the euphoria of falling in love and the crazy Lagos nightlife( particularly in the city of Ikeja).


This track tells a tale of love with a beautiful blend of vocal harmonies and acapella. This track is guaranteed to have you feeling butterflies.

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