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Jay Boogie

Jay Boogie

Upcoming crossdresser, Jay Boogie took his Instagram page on Thursday to post a couple of bikini photos and he threw a subtle shade at Bobrisky.

Information Nigeria had earlier reported that Bobrisky issued a note of warning to wannabes trying to steal his throne as the top crossdresser in the country.

Jay Boogie has said that he had no intention to be a threat to anyone’s path.

The crossdresser also stated that life is a journey and not a competition.

In his words;

“A Queen is a woman who carries herself in a enviable charisma, a woman who’s endowed with a willingness to ignore fools, a Queen would never go around feeling and showing her reign is threatened, too lame such an act for a queen, cause she knows her place, I mean a Queen wears a crown not a tiara!. I had no intention to be a threat to anyone’s path, and I was never born to scare any shaft who feels her stove throne is about to be snatched into obvious damnation, give it time, You might be a queen in your kingdom, but don’t forget we’re all queens in our different castles. Life is a journey sweetheart not a competition and two wrongs don’t make a right, take your parents for example just like you, it’s a case of Enjoy it while it last and with that I bid you goodluck, impress me more with the foolery. Arrogance and stupidity all in one package, how efficient of you”

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See his post below:

The crossdresser’s post

The crossdresser’s post

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