Mixed reactions greet Obasanjo’s “restructure or collapse” statement

To say that Nigeria is a country with huge diversities would be an understatement. The country has diverse tribes and ethnic groups. In hindsight, our diversity can be harnessed to attain economic growth based on the multiplicity of ideas and solutions that could emerge from this wealth of people resources, but that has unfortunately not been the case.

This worrisome development has led many to the thought that restructuring is our only solution, especially by devolving more powers from the centre. For some however, disintegration is the best option.

Today, former President Olusegun Obasanjo is on that table:

Speaking at the annual Sobo Sowemimo Virtual Conference, the former president switched from the theme of COVID-19 to the issue of insecurity in the country, stating that it will remain insecure without restructuring. He also called for a citizen-led campaign against insecurity, one that will force the government to act.

His statement on restructuring made its way to social media and to say that a lot of Nigerians were displeased, would be putting it mildly. Although they appeared not to be in disagreement with his views, they were offended by the fact that he said it.

To some, it’s as simple as a hypocritical statement and in their opinion, he had eight years to implement the very ideas he is suggesting but failed to do so. That fact, in this context, disqualifies him from acting in the capacity of a critic.

To others, the audacity behind his statement is what they can’t fathom. Having gone to war to fight restructuring, they can’t understand why he is calling for it now.

However, a number of persons were in support of his points and made reference to some of his achievements in office, as well as reasons why he could never have delved into restructuring at the time.

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