My curved penis

I have always had a curved penis since childhood. My parents told me that it was because the person who circumcised me as a baby made a mistake. They assured me that it will straighten out as I grow older. Unfortunately, it has not. Now I have found it difficult having sex because the penis becomes very curved when erect. Kindly let me know what to do.

George (by SMS)

Curvature of the penis is an abnormal bend in the penis that occurs during erection. It is also called Peyronie’s disease. In Peyronie’s disease, fibrous scar tissue develops under the skin of the penis. Although there are many factors that can cause this kind of problem, the reason given by your parents is very plausible. Treatments may include: corticosteroid injections into the fibrous band of tissue as well as radiation and therapy with drugs and injections. If the above treatments do not help, and you are unable to have intercourse because of the curve of the penis as you have indicated, surgery may be done to correct the problem.  In extreme cases, a penile prosthesis may be the best treatment. Experts at a Teaching or Specialist hospital nearest to you will be able to advise you on which kind of treatment to undertake.


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