Toke Makinwa disagrees with Pastor Adeboye on marriage advice, says men should learn how to cook

Recently, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E.A Adeboye while counseling unmarried men in his church, advised them not to marry a woman who cannot cook. Controversial on-air-personality and lifestyle entrepreneur, Toke Makinwa, on the other hand, added a twist to the matter when she made a vague comment about this on her twitter page.

According to Pastor Adeboye’s statement, he advised his sons not to marry a lady who cannot cook. He said their wives need to know how to do chores and cook because they cannot afford to be eating out all the time. Reacting to this, Toke took to her twitter handle on Tuesday and gave a contrary view to the whole issue. According to her, cooking is not restricted to a gender, she thus advised men to learn how to cook or hire a cook.

“Cooking is not restricted to a gender. Guys learn how to cook, so you don’t base the entirety of picking a life partner on your belly, if you don’t want to, make enough to hire a chef. Life is too short to be triggered all the time,” she said.

Toke went further to advise men that Pastor Adeboye’s advice was not for everyone and whoever is not “Pastor Adeboye’s son” should just ignore the advice and “face front”. She said: “When Pastor Adeboye says, “My sons”, ask yourself, are you a member of his flock? Are you his spiritual child? If no, why are you bothered? Let him advice his own, if it is not for you, jump and pass my friends, I promise you won’t go to hell by facing your front.”

This raised stern disagreement on twitter as it did not go down well with some twitter users, while some supported her point of view. A twitter user (Dr. Steford on Twitter), reacting to the whole conversation, said: “Pastor Adeboye who has been married for 53 years gives advice on marriage, madam Toke Makinwa who is happily divorced after 3 years in marriage is giving her opinion and you are giving her tiri gbosa, better choose wisely who you follow.”