Nigerian singer and song-writer, Simisola, popularly known as Simi has revealed why she was angry after watching a Yoruba movie.

Simi took to twitter to express her anger, saying that she watched a film in which a man impregnated his maid and later had her begging.

She wrote: “I’m watching this Yoruba movie and almost everything is paining me. So this man impregnates his maid. And at the end of everything ‘sha’ she’s the one on her knees begging (after her female friends advise her of course) because she didn’t have sex with him that night. Am ‘avin hedik'”

“The kind of rubbish women are subjected to, and sometimes, allow themselves accept, because “culture”. Then after going through that rubbish, you’ll now partake in making another woman go through it. A horrible horrible cycle. I hope it ends with us.

“I’m actually angry. I should have changed the damn channel since. Rubbish.”