#YNaijaBBNUpdate: Eric and Tochi bid farewell to the Big Brother House

#YNaijaBBNUpdate: Eric and Tochi bid farewell to the Big Brother House

Sundays are for relaxing and prepping for the new week ahead, or so we are told. However, for Big Brother Naija fans, relaxing may not necessarily be a part of the equation, as Sunday evictions makes the day anything but relaxing.

Unfortunately, another one the lock-down housemates was slated to go home, and of the four contestants with the least votes: Kaisha, Eric, TrickyTee, Tochi, Eric and Tochi were the ones evicted.

In line with the new eviction process, after the four housemates with the least votes were announced, each housemates, barring the bottom four, were called to the dairy room to nominate the housemates they would rather see evicted. After the entire process Tochi and Eric had the most votes, and was asked to leave the Big Brother House accordingly.

It’s was a rather interesting choice seeing as the new process did put most of the housemates, including the evicted housemates on their best behavior.

The eviction no doubt is sure to coerce housemates into putting more efforts in staying on each other’s good side, but given the climate of the house, it will be interesting to see if this process will continue to chip away at the housemates true situational behaviors or whether they will opt to remain true to themselves.

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