#YNaijaEndSARSupdates: How the reported absence of LASTMA officials is affecting Lagosians

#YNaijaEndSARSupdates: How the reported absence of LASTMA officials is affecting Lagosians

In the aftermath of the #EndSARS protest, there has been a reported absence of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) on the roads, according to citizen accounts. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), and the police were also reported to have deserted their duty posts; thereby, leaving Lagosians insecure and aggravating the traffic situation on Lagos roads.  

Many Lagosians have taken to Twitter to express how this is affecting them. While some commuters are lamenting the worsening state of the traffic situation in the metropolis; others have opined that it is a deliberate attempt by the Lagos State Government to prove a point to Lagosians. But to what end, if this is anything to go by? 

With the current state of the nation, there is no better time to beef up security to protect law-abiding citizens and crackdown on the activities of hoodlums who are attempting to throw Lagos and by extension, the entire nation into a state of anarchy after hijacking the #EndSARS protest.

Besides, national security and good governance are the major things the #EndSARS protesters have been fighting for. In fact, there’s a provision in their list of demands that requests the increase of the salaries of police officers. So withdrawing the Police, The Federal Road Safety Corps and the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority from their duty posts will only turn out to be counter-productive to the state as it does not serve the best interest of anyone, not even the government.

The services of all three bodies are vital to the proper functioning of the state because they maintain law and order in society. But this is not to say that the system is not in need of reform.

The reported disappearance of these bodies is sad and tragic. Because Nigerians have asked the police not to kill them, they’ve decided not to work at all? Hence, they can’t work unless they work with impunity and violence?


Why then is LASTMA and FRSC involved? The fight is with the police. What’s LASTMA’s business. Is this a way to ‘punish’ civilians? If so, it is utterly ridiculous.


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