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Ambit Launches Guide To Preparing For GPT

Auckland 21 June 2023 - Ambit, the conversational AI platform, has created a free Guide to preparing for GPT so organisations can take advantage of advances in generative AI while protecting the security and privacy of data.

This comes as corporates and government departments introduce bans on their staff using ChatGPT in response to concerns that proprietary data from prompts entered into an open generative AI platform could appear in responses to questions from other users.

“Proactively establishing policies to protect data, including communicating clearly to staff what tasks can be carried out using external tools, will be more effective than blanket bans on adopting generative AI,” says Tim Warren, co-founder and CEO of Ambit. “AI and GPT are very powerful new technologies so collaboration among providers and their customers will enhance society's overall ability to safely use these tools.”

Ambit’s advice is to:

  • Determine who is responsible for creating policies to guide AI adoption
  • Identify the risks and opportunities
  • Run a risk register – add and review monthly
  • Agree what tasks can and cannot be carried out using external tools
  • Communicate the policies and guidelines to your team, customers and partners

To read the Guide in full, visit

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