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Auckland Company Meets Rising Demand For Virtual Assistants In Safeguarding Team Mental Health

Virtual assistance organisation Good Line NZ has noticed a significant uptake in businesses seeking virtual assistance to ensure their teams don't succumb to overwhelming pressures.

Founder and director Sabrina O'Flaherty says in today's business world, prioritising the mental health of employees has become essential for organisational success. In recognising the detrimental effects of burnout, businesses are increasingly turning to virtual assistants (VAs) to provide vital support, she says.

O’Flaherty founded Good Line NZ eight years ago, with the vision to provide VAs to entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who needed to focus on what they do best and leave the admin and daily business tasks to a dedicated assistant.

O'Flaherty says she has seen a mindset shift among businesses recently.

We're seeing quite a few corporations coming to us as they have an understanding that their team is important and that they are either overstretched due to the seasonality of the business or due to corporate restructures. They are really conscious of their team’s mental health and want to support them, not burn them out.

She says corporates are becoming more aware of the increasing pressures and tensions in the workplace. The global pandemic and extreme weather events have been major contributors to this in the last three years.

"Some organisations and some teams are just exhausted from the constant changes that have happened since the initial Covid-19 wave. That's both from a corporate perspective of wanting to support and keep really amazing team members but also from employees going, 'I actually don't want to be working Monday to Friday nine to five, going to an office, having that additional expenditure'.

“Because that's the other element – the cost of living is obviously increasing and for people going into an office every single day is a cost they want to reduce.”

Businesses are becoming more aware of the hybrid working model and are either providing employees with a work-life balance or are outsourcing VA support to assist their team through this.

On the other hand, O’Flaherty says she is seeing more women leaving traditional office-based roles and are opting for a more flexible arrangement in the VA sector.

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