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Cake Detective Cracks 100th Case

HAMILTON, NZ: Cake Detective, Laura Casey, makes birthday cakes for Waikato kids who are going through tough times, and this week celebrated a huge milestone when she delivered her 100th birthday cake to a family in need.

Mum of two, Laura, started making and donating birthday cakes last year after being asked for help by a foster mum neighbour. "It just grew from there." she says. The Cake Detective now has charitable trust status and takes requests from a variety of agencies including Kids In Need Waikato, The Child Cancer Foundation, The Salvation Army and Oranga Tamariki. “Every child deserves to know that they're special, and getting a fancy birthday cake that's just for them is a great way for us to show a child that they matter.” she says.

Laura set herself the goal of donating 50 cakes in a year, but hit the 100-mark after only 9 months, despite lockdown putting the brakes on things for a while. She now donates her time and talent to make around three special birthday cakes a week, while the ingredients are paid for by various sponsors and donors. She says The Cake Detective felt like the right name as she tracks down missing birthday cakes for kids that might otherwise not have one.

Linda Roil, of Kids In Need Waikato, thanked Laura for her efforts and said "The children we support are getting necessities like clothes, toiletries and schoolbags from us. What Laura gives them is something really unexpected, extravagant and joyful. These kids all remember their special birthday cakes for a long time to come. We're so grateful to Laura for the happiness she brings the children."

To celebrate the 100th cake, Laura has organised a cupcake delivery fundraiser on Friday 7 August. Details can be found on the website:

Laura Casey with one of her cake creations

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