A groom has died two days after his wedding after reportedly getting married feeling sick, leaving 100 guests infected with coronavirus.

In India, where weddings are known to be elaborate celebrations spanning multiple days, one couple recently decided to go ahead with their nuptials on June 15.

However the joy of the big event was quickly overshadowed by a terrible tragedy that saw the groom die and 100 guests infected with coronavirus in the country's "biggest Covid infection chain".

The groom, who was a 30-year-old software engineer, developed diarrhoea and a high fever before his June 15 wedding which was attended by more than 360 guests according to The Hindustan Times.

The report claims his family forced him to take painkillers and go through with the ceremony, going against his wishes to postpone the wedding because of his spiking fever.

Two days later his condition took a turn for the worse and he died on the way to a hospital, but his body was cremated without being tested for the virus.

However his close family members were tested for the illness on June 19 and 15 were confirmed to be infected.

The huge number sparked a desperate bid to prevent the spread of the disease by local health authorities, who set up a camp was set up where samples were taken from the other attendees.

Of those, 86 have tested positive, officials said on Tuesday.

The bride was not among that number.

The wedding is one of a few high profile coronavirus cases emerging overseas at large gatherings as lockdown restrictions ease.

A family in Texas ended up with 18 members infected from a surprise 30th party, with a man in his 80s currently remaining on life support where he's been since June 17.

While a woman who visited a pub with her mates in Florida recently revealed she and 15 of her friends contracted the virus over a drink.

Seven employees were also diagnosed with COVID-19.