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Evnex Donates Smart EV Charger To Pathway Trust Charity

Kiwi smart charger manufacturer Evnex has removed a barrier to EV adoption for Christchurch’s Pathway Trust, donating a full EV charger and installation to help the charity transition to electric vehicles.

Pathway Trust is the very first recipient of Evnex’s Charging Our Charities initiative, which is designed to support the use and uptake of electric vehicles within NZ’s charitable sector. All charities registered in New Zealand can apply to the fund, with one charity receiving a share of $15,000 of EV charging hardware and installation services each quarter.

The Pathway Trust provides a wide range of services, including vital wraparound support to those who need a fresh start, and is creating profound social change by helping to break cycles of poverty, violence, and crime, so the Christchurch community is a stronger and safer place.

Evnex founder Ed Harvey says most charities don’t have the funds to support the wider adoption of electric vehicles, which is an important step in decarbonising our economy.

“As a local designer, manufacturer, and installer of EV charge points in New Zealand, Evnex has chosen to donate complete end-to-end EV charging systems which we hope will help lower the barrier of entry into the EV space for charities and give back to those who work tirelessly to positively impact our communities,” he says.

Pathway Trust Group Operations Manager Kirsten Billcliff says the organisation’s work is very travel intensive, with their team travelling to support clients and also transport them to various vital services, such as drug and alcohol programmes.

“Every cent we spend on fuel is a cent that’s not being spent on our life changing social work. With skyrocketing petrol costs, the cost of doing our work is constantly increasing. We’re extremely excited about the opportunity to upgrade to electric vehicles and having our own on-site EV charger will make this process so much more efficient for our team,” she says.

“We recently began looking into the cost of replacing our fleet with EVs, but as a charitable trust, we are very limited in our funding. We have now made the decision to replace our fleet with electric vehicles, not only for the cost savings for our charity, but also because it aligns with our values around sustainability and the environment. This process has been greatly sped up by Evnex donating an EV charging package as it was simply something we could not have considered for ourselves otherwise”.

Pathway’s core programmes include the Navigate Initiative, a ground-breaking community-led prison reintegration unit based at Christchurch Men’s Prison and He Kete Oranga O Te Mana Wāhine, the South Island’s only residential drug and alcohol programme for women in the criminal justice system.

“We give people the tools they need to rebuild their life and we’re there for them for as long as we are needed. We never give up on people. Ever,” says Kirsten Billcliff.

“We want to extend a huge thank you to Evnex for this opportunity. By supporting Pathway in this way, they are playing a part in creating safer, happier communities”.

Evnex facilitates the largest network of smart chargers in New Zealand, with its smart charger technology enabling EV charging that is fast, safe, as financially economical as possible and with the lowest carbon emissions, as well as helping future-proof the demand on the country’s power supply.

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About Evnex

Evnex is a leading New Zealand manufacturer and installer of smart electric vehicle chargers. It facilitates the largest network of smart chargers in New Zealand (1500 and growing), making sure EV charging is done fast, safely, and with the lowest carbon emissions.

It is working to reduce the carbon footprint of NZ’s growing EV fleet and help ensure it is charged efficiently from renewable clean energy - future-proofing EV demand on Aotearoa’s power supply. Founded in Christchurch, Evnex chargers are NZ made and manufactured and uses Kiwi ingenuity to provide smart charging to the fast-growing growing number of EV owners in New Zealand. Find out more at Evnex Smart EV Chargers.

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