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Relationship Unlimited & BidFin Partner To Transform Technology Purchasing In NZ

Enterprise grade software that can truly unlock growth comes with a certain price tag and until now usually came with significant upfront costs.

Today, Salesforce specialists Relationship Unlimited and FinTech innovators BidFin announce a partnership that will empower their New Zealand customers to enter into technology agreements at a low cost of entry.

For small to medium businesses looking to grow, the significant upfront cost to procure the RIGHT software stack to enable growth can often be a real barrier.

This new partnership means that access to the enterprise grade technology that will truly unlock growth is now accessible to New Zealand businesses of all sizes. The barrier of substantial up-front costs are effectively eroded over time with customers able to spread their upfront software and services costs in a flexible, scalable and tailored manner that serves to promote sales and cash flow.

“BidFin are delighted to be partnering with New Zealand’s most experienced Salesforce partner Relationship Unlimited. We believe together we can help ambitious Kiwi businesses grow and thrive with a combination of great software, services and flexible payment arrangements,” says BidFin CEO Ross Simon.

The solutions that Relationship Unlimited and BidFin can now offer their customers in New Zealand are genuinely the best of both worlds; access to the latest Salesforce technology (the best technology platform for growth going) combined with payment terms (the best way to pay) to satisfy a customer’s specific budget and business needs. Customers can choose from monthly, quarterly, ramped, or even custom payment terms to align with budget cycles and cash flow requirements; driving digital transformation whilst unlocking growth and value realisation in line with outgoing payments.

“Relationship Unlimited are thrilled about this partnership. We know that Salesforce is the most powerful engine for growth, but sometimes the upfront costs can mean businesses defer investment. Our partnership with BidFin makes access to the best growth engine we know of much more manageable for all New Zealand businesses,” says Relationship Unlimited Founder Clay Nelson.


About Relationship Unlimited

Relationship Unlimited are deep-niche Salesforce experts that specialise in sales optimisation through building and supporting world-class solutions on the platform.

A Salesforce Partner since 2009, Relationship Unlimited have helped some of New Zealand’s best known organisations build industrial-strength Sales & Marketing systems that drive both growth and profitability.

For more information about Relationship Unlimited, visit: or contact Cam Gillett, Customer Success Manager, Relationship Unlimited, Phone: +64 29 915 6035

About BidFin

BidFin is an Australian-based fintech, focused on driving sales and cash flow for the technology supply chain. Established in 2017, the team has more than 80 years of combined IT financing experience, which is used to drive and enable sales for technology suppliers with the provisioning of payment solutions making it easier for customers to buy, deploy, and consume technology.

For more information about BidFin, visit:

or contact Ross Simon, CEO, BidFin, Phone: +61 438 277 950

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