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Taranaki schools bringing in dyslexia expert to work with staff, parents, students

Dyslexia expert Laughton King is coming to Taranaki in August to teach parents and teachers about it.

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Dyslexia expert Laughton King is coming to Taranaki in August to teach parents and teachers about it.

A dyslexia expert who has struggled with the learning issue is coming to Taranaki to help teachers and parents understand it better.

Laughton King was diagnosed with dyslexia at aged five and struggled throughout his school years. It still haunts him today at age 71.

“I was trying to live life in a society which doesn’t understand that some of us do not think in language, we think in pictures.

“My days at school were a constant nightmare.

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“I know the loneliness, the depression and the difficulty of going through the education system,” he said.

About 15 per cent of the New Zealand population have dyslexia, but King said it is not widely understood enough.

“Teachers are obliged to teach in language and students are obliged to learn in language, and then we assess what children have learnt via language.”

During lockdown dyslexia tutors from Learning Matters had a surge of enquiries after parents began noticing problems with their children's literacy when they began helping them learn from home.

For five years King has travelled throughout New Zealand visiting schools and parents to teach them about dyslexia and how to support kids with it.

He will be hosting two, two-hour seminars for parents at Oakura School on August 10, from 11am and 7pm.

The following day he will work with teachers at Omata school to teach them about

“They do need to be understood and our teachers need to know what dyslexia is and how to go about working with these children."

Tickets for the seminars are available at Omata, Oakura, Coastal Taranaki and Rahotu school offices.

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