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TBM Council Elects New Directors To Board On 10th Anniversary

The Technology Business Management (TBM) Council, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing the discipline of TBM through education, standards, and collaboration between IT leaders and business partners, is celebrating 10 years of ushering in an era of transparency and communication across lines of business with TBM. As part of this, the TBM Council is announcing new members to its board of directors, expansion of its global operating model, and continued advancement of TBM by modernising the discipline.

Technology Business Management (TBM) is a discipline that improves business outcomes by giving organisations a consistent way to translate technology investments to business value. TBM defines the tools, processes, data, and people needed to manage the business of technology. More than 10,000 IT and finance leaders are members of the TBM Council globally, united to implement best practices for leaders to leverage so they can react quickly to changing market dynamics and optimise cloud and agile strategies to deliver on business objectives.

The newly elected members of the TBM Council Board of Directors include Fumbi Chima, Chief Technology & Transformation Officer at BECU, and RJ Hazra, SVP & CFO, Technology and Security at Equifax.

“TBM provides a vision of how technology and business executives work together, but more importantly, it turns the vision into action,” said Chima.

The expansion of the TBM Council Board of Directors brings new perspectives, but long-time TBM expertise to the group.

“We want to make sure we continue to source standard TBM knowledge supporting the vision of TBM from a broad range of industries and leadership voices. The new additions to the board will expand its diversity of thought and experience,” said Eileen Wade, General Manager of the TBM Council.

At the recent 10th Annual TBM Council Board of Directors Invitational, the board announced the latest evolution of TBM to meet the challenges of the modern enterprise.

“Today, leaders must connect technology investments not just to an App or Services total cost of ownership (TCO), but to an end-product TCO tied to the business strategy,” said Phil Armstrong, Chairman of the TBM Council Board of Directors. “TBM now provides organisations with a roadmap to a product profit and loss (P&L) focus where product innovation and speed to market are paramount.”

One of the changes TBM has kept pace with in the last 10 years is the evolution in the role of technology in the business. Technology has gone from operations support to translating business strategy into the technology roadmap.

“TBM started with a focus on IT costs and planning for an on-premises, data centre-focused world,” said Wade. “IT costing and planning processes have changed with cloud adoption, and a shift away from data centres where many applications are monolithic and static.”

The new APAC and EMEA Regional Advisory Boards were set up as part of the TBM Council’s commitment to supporting its diverse global membership with leadership and initiatives tailored to local trends and needs.

The APAC board is co-chaired by Gerard Florian, Group Executive for Technology at ANZ, and Craig Wishart, CIO at KPMG Australia. Board members include representatives from CenITex, eHealth NSW, Macquarie Group, Services Australia, Woolworths Group and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

The regional boards meet every quarter to set the agenda for their branch of the Council and use their expertise in TBM implementation to provide education and guidance to members on key IT finance topics.

The TBM Council will bring its global community together later this year at its 10th annual TBM Conference. Taking place in Austin, Texas November 7-10, and then virtually November 15-16. Learn more at

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