The Mandalorian (The Baby Yoda Show)

Esta semana tenemos al tío Funático para hablar sobre The Mandalorian y Baby Yoda.

Pero antes, hablamos sobre las encuestas que muestran a Forzai a la cabeza, el cambio de constitución en Chile y los multiples estrenos de animes que se vienen en Netflix

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– This co. -As you know
– Internationale – Robert Wyatt
– Pornophonique – Sad Robot (Procacci’s Funky Android Deconstruction Remix)
– Devil Music Ensemble – The Western Army
– Lobo Loco – Madness is Everywhere

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Football news:

All our clubs were left without the Champions League play-offs. Who disappointed the most?
Luka Modric: when an opponent takes the lead, real lose confidence. We are in a difficult situation, but what is it, that is
Monstrous deliveries of raikovich and Murilo: one rolled out to the opponent out of the blue, the other just fell 🤦 ♂ ️
Kroos on the defeat by Shakhtar: at the end, we lacked faith that we can win back
Zinedine Zidane: I Don't think about retirement
Loko lost even the third place. Salzburg crushed the squad with 5 Central defenders
Ronaldo won the Golden Foot-2020, Agnelli-Golden Foot Prestige-2020