Papua New Guinea
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BbP Kids Plant Mangroves

In a remarkable display of environmental education and hands-on conservation efforts, the young learners at Buk bilong Pikinini's coastal village Library Learning Centres were taught about the critical significance of mangroves and how to plant them.

The event, held in celebration of World Mangrove Day 2023, saw a collaboration between local experts from The Nature Conservancy, Coastline Care Project, and volunteers from the esteemed Platinum partner, Steamships.

Under the warm sun and with enthusiasm in their hearts, the children took up shovels and embarked on the mission of planting 120 mangrove seedlings. However, this endeavor was not undertaken lightly. Prior to the event, site inspections were conducted to identify the most suitable species and locations to ensure the long-term sustainability of the newly planted mangroves.

Mangroves hold immense cultural significance for the coastal villages, but their ecological importance cannot be overstated. Acting as a natural barrier, they play a crucial role in safeguarding the coastline against storm surges, rising sea levels, and provide essential wind protection. Beyond their protective role, these coastal wonders serve as a habitat for diverse biodiversity, offering invaluable resources such as food, medicine, and shelter for local communities.

The event also underlined the importance of Early Childhood Education in preserving and passing down cultural practices to future generations. By instilling a deep appreciation for their environment and heritage at a young age, the organizers hope to ensure that these traditions are cherished and upheld for years to come.

The success of this initiative was made possible by the invaluable support and efforts of the dedicated Steamships team, The Nature Conservancy, and The Coastline Care Project. Their unwavering commitment to environmental conservation and education has left an indelible mark on the lives of the children and the communities of Pari and Baruni villages.

As the event concluded, the participants and organizers shared a heartfelt expression of gratitude to the supporting organizations, acknowledging their amazing contributions to the welfare of the children and the environment.

With the planting of each mangrove seedling, the coastal villages of Papua New Guinea take a step closer to preserving their cultural heritage and protecting their natural surroundings for generations to come.