Papua New Guinea
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Designer urges citizens to have an open mind

Papua New Guinea’s prominent bilum fibre artist, Florence Jaukau Kamel, has encouraged citizens to have an open mind.

The Goroka-based fashion designer voiced her frustration over negative criticism received on social media regarding her “container wear” in the “weird wear” category.

The piece involved a model wearing empty container bottles around her head and body.

“This is our new approach to educating people,” said Kamel, who is popularly known for her trailblazing bilum wear.

“We are using weird stuff so it brings or drives your attention to the story behind this piece.

“This is part of our campaign with recycling and reusable objects.”

Kamel stressed on the need to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, adding that marginalised Papua New Guineans collect empty container bottles to resell and sustain their livelihood.

“I bought the containers from a mother who collects in town and resells for 20 toea.

“To those who think and claim stupidity, sadly, you are either too confined to yourself or too blind to notice our simple people collecting these empty containers to sustain their livelihood.”

Kamel plans on hosting a weird fashion runway in 2024.