Papua New Guinea
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Escape to Fisherman Island

I always had the expectation that I would be enjoying the city when I first moved to Port Moresby. But now, “Nah, I don’t know…”

Maybe I’m not a city boy, it’s not in my blood. I love nature and the villager’s way of life. If you’re just like me, read this. This piece is for you. Escape the office, the noises, the crowded population, the dirt of the city and unwind at Fishermen Island.

Less than a 20-minute boat ride from Koki Market to the ‘Aluraikau’ Drifters Homestay and you’ll experience paradise like I did.

The guest house has every necessary for camping; bedding, kitchens, cooking utensils, 3 rooms, etc… all you have to do is bring yourself, your own food, extra clothes, and a coat to keep you warm when nature welcomes you with natural air condition.

It’s the only lodge on the Island owned by a local, Joel. It consists of 3 rooms and costs up to K100 for each room.

This was my first time seeing such an amazing island with no big trees or hills, it’s just flat.

Houses are built with iron sheets and strong posts for protection against strong winds.

Trying putting your hands into your jacket’s pocket and spreading them like a wing, you’ll be a sailing canoe on a savanna grassland.

I know you heard about Fisherman Island through its famous sandy beach. Don’t rush,
we’re getting there.

From the guest house to the famous beach is around a 2-hour walk, but don’t worry, the guest’s house has its own boat to take you there. Less than a 5-minute boat ride and you’ll decide to settle forever on the islands.


Right at the point, it’s the best picnic spot in all of Port Moresby. Btw, haven’t been to other spots yet. let me know if you want to take me there. For now, I’m sure it’s the best.

Floating on top of the pristine pool-like waters lays the white sandy beach of ‘Idodobi’.

All I can hear is the songs of white-caps as they meet the land. I hear the wind singing with the birds leading as sopranos.

All I could smell was the pristine sea, the leaves and a slight smell of gasoline from the boat.

Isn’t it beautiful? I asked Fidelis with a smiling soul. It brought me memories of Madang.

“Oh, my pig Island… Oh, my Wansgat Island… I miss you.”

Standing on the only hill made of sand, the sun went for a dive in the far-distant sea behind me. I looked at the city and it was beautiful. The city looks sinless as the last rays light up the whole scenery.

The day was full of leisure activities, we swam, sunbathed, played rugby and sandy ball fights till our tummy called out for ‘Pariva’: a dish of sago, banana with coconut cream made by the central people. ‘Central people still winning’ was the first local expression that came into my mind after I licked my fingers.

We had ‘Roku’; motu language for sea shells, creamed rice, fried tuna, ‘pariva’ and creamed corn. It was way better than the rice and tinned fish of the city.

Before bed, we went for a nice night island tour to watch the city lights. It was amazing, I tried taking long exposure shots but it turned out bad because it was windy and cloudy.

The island is full of fun and excitement, you can try out snorkelling, Island Tours, picnics, etc. On my next trip, I’m planning to do an island tour there. From what I heard It will take roughly 4-5 hours to walk around the whole island.

I want to start my tour at dawn because I love the sunrise. Not just any sunrise, but sunrise from Fisherman Island.

With that, ‘Apa kana kets’. I’ll see you in my next travel story.