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Fr Jan clarifies concerns during meet with students

Acting Secretary for the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology Fr Jan Czuba says the department does not negotiate with criminals.

He said this after the students at the University of Natural Resource could not provide evidence to their claims “There were no substance to the claims,” He told Post-Courier on his visit to UNRE following the students’ unrest.

“I went to the University of Natural Resource and Environment on Wednesday last week.

I arrived there and from the airport, I went directly to the campus, but the campus gate was locked and the students were in charge,” Fr Jan said.

He said he met the SRC president at the assembly hall and offered to speak to them (SRC reps) before addressing the rest of the students, but they refused.

“So, I asked what the issue was and they said they had two issues, the first; two programs they claimed were not accredited and the second; they said there was corruption at the university level within the administration,” Fr Jan told Post-Courier.

He said he then clarified to them that those programs were actually accredited, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the then panel could not be flown in to verify, following that, the term of the Higher and Technical Education Board of DHERST had expired resulting in TESAS not being available until the coming meeting of the board.

“I addressed both issues; first, the programs are accredited, there are two programs that are accredited so what the SRC students are telling the student body was false information.

Second, they said the program did not have TESAS and so it is very expensive for them to pay, then I asked them if they applied for HELP?

“Because every citizen studying at recognised institutions of higher learning is entitled to HELP money so the fees, they were asked to pay is K9600. HELP is K10,000.

So basically, the SRC misinformed the student body,” Fr Jan said.

He said the student SRC was also not able to provide evidence to the claims of corruption within the UNRE administration.