Papua New Guinea
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Gold trading in Kainantu

Alluvial gold nuggets are fetching out cash in tens and hundreds of Kina openly in a government station that has been tagged as a “cowboy town”.

Morris India, from Yomposa village in ward four of Kamano 1 local level government area in Kainantu district, Eastern Highlands Province, who has been buying alluvial gold nuggets for two decades, said security is not a concern.

He is one of many others who buy alluvial gold at the bus stop enroute to Lae, Morobe Province and Madang, aka “Gold Trade Centre” in the government station along the Highlands Highway.

“Everyone here are the security in Kainantu,” Mr India said.

“Anyone attempting robbery or pickpocket in Kainantu is looking for trouble.

“He or she will have to endure the public wrath before the police intervene.”

He said there has not been a robbery or a robbery attempt in his 20 years of buying alluvial gold in Kainantu.

He was buying the alluvial gold at K150 per gram on Friday.

He said he has been doing fine.

“When the gold price drops, I keep my gold until it peeks up,” Mr India said.

“Currently, the gold price is good.

“We are many buyers providing many options to the alluvial gold miners to choose from.

“But as for security, you are free from the threat of robbery or picket pockets when you are in Kainantu.

Other alluvial gold buyers and miners said pick pockets, bag snatching or robbing of a fellow citizen in Kainantu township attracts public response and citizen arrest and handed to the police.