Papua New Guinea
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By Bradley Mariori

Market places around Lae City is the only means where majority of those living in settlements use to sustain their living in the city and it is not a fighting zone for anyone.

Lae Metropolitan Acting Commander Senior Inspector James Luan said this following a man being hospitalized, after a fight broke out at the 13A Bumbu Market two weeks ago.

He said that the market is a problem market where people seem to bring their problems to the public area and create nuisance there.

 Luan said several instances of fighting resulting in injuries sustained and deaths have been reported over the years at that market.

He said people are struggling now to survive in the city and this is the place where families make money to sustain themselves.

Luan said if it means that the market is to be closed, many living in the settlement would be affected.

So people must try to respect others and minimize on such law and order problems at that market place.

He pointed out that the Bumbu 13A Market management should setup effective security system with good fencing to control people’s movements which will also assist police so that safety of all is guaranteed to some extent.

Acting Commander Luan said safety and security of the market users had to be the focus of the market management.

In the meantime, Luan is urging the Lae City Authority and the Lae City Council to take necessary steps and work closely with the market management and find amicable solution to the many law and order issues that were experienced there overtime.

He said the market at Bumbu is within the city limit and it is privately managed at the moment so the authorities should come onboard and assist where possible so that the market can be properly managed.

He said law and order problems had come and go, the market has been closed on several occasions and that has been repeated overtime so something constructive had to be done.

Luan further stated that the suspect into the fighting that resulted in one injured is in police custody now and police are investigating the incident.