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Jayrex music ban uplifted

The Temporary Ban on songs produced by popular New Ireland Artist, Jason Suisui, has been uplifted by the Office of Censorship.

The artist faced a setback on the 15th of June, 2023, as the Office of Censorship, acting under the authority of the Chief Censor, imposed a temporary ban on all his songs, in response to grave complaints of assault and ongoing emotional abuse made by Mr. Suisui's partner of four years, Hazel Schulz, and her family.

On the 5th of June, 2023, Ms. Schulz submitted a complaint letter to the Office of Censorship along with a substantial collection of evidence, including court proceedings, court depositions, and medical reports. The documents painted a disturbing picture of social, physical, and mental abuse allegedly perpetrated by Mr. Suisui.

In response to the serious allegations, the Office of Censorship made a decisive move to ban Mr. Suisui's songs under Section 17(2) and Section 18(1)(b)(d)(e) & 18(2) of the Classification of Publication (Censorship) Act, 1989. These sections granted the Chief Censor the power to consider appropriate decisions concerning publications and broadcasting.

The Temporary Ban notice was officially issued on the 15th of June, 2023, and promptly delivered to various entities responsible for business activities, including Radio & Television Stations, Night Clubs & Bars, and Internet Users.

In an effort to thoroughly investigate the matter, the Office of Censorship delved into the lyrics of some of Mr. Suisui's songs, one of them being "Rabisim Mi," as mentioned in the complainant’s report. After meticulous analysis, the officers found that the lyrics were of a general nature and did not target any specific individual.

Seeking a fair resolution, the office requested Mr. Suisui to come forward and present his side of the story, and to appeal through the Office of Censorship for the lifting of the Temporary Ban. This meeting took place on Tuesday, 18th July 2023.

Following the meeting, a decision was reached to uplift the temporary ban, based on new evidence presented by Mr. Suisui and his lawyer. They provided an Interim Protection Order (IPO) issued by the Kavieng District Court against Ms. Schulz, dated 7th June 2023.

As a result of the updated circumstances, the ban on Jayrex songs was lifted, granting approval to all Radio & Television Stations, Night Clubs & Bars, the general public, and Internet users to once again publish and enjoy the artist's music.