Papua New Guinea
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Lae residents urged to take ownership

Residents in Lae city are encouraged to take ownership of the services that have been provided, including the new infrastructure.

Lae city is moving forward in terms of infrastructural development, economic growth and quality service delivery under the leadership of Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso.

Rosso outlined that ambulance services, rubbish bins, street lights and classrooms all cost money and are provided for the benefit of people living in Lae.

“All these things are not for me to use,” he said. “It’s for the city residents to use and it is only appropriate that all of us take ownership of our city by looking after those services; looking after the ambulances, looking after the hospitals we built, looking after the streetlights that we put up.

“I encourage that all our people look after the services that are provided by the city. That also concerns throwing rubbish.

“People forget that it’s not the animals that throw rubbish; it’s people that throw rubbish. And people just blatantly throw rubbish and it’s costing the city close to K10 million every year to clean the city by picking up the rubbish.

“We could save a whole lot of money if people just use their common sense and put the rubbish in the bins.”

Rosso also pointed out that betelnut chewers lazily spit out of moving vehicles or on the footpath, creating an unhealthy and unhygienic environment.

City residents are encouraged to be considerate, pick up their rubbish and stop spitting red betelnut juice on the newly-built roads and bridges.