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Papua New Guinea
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By Bradley Mariori

The increase in law and order problems at Bumayong area and surrounding communities in Lae, Morobe has triggered community leaders to come up with bylaws in an effort to combat this, according to a landowner.

This week, the Ward 17 of the Ahi local level government at Bumayong publicly launched its bylaws through the traditional landowner Kepas Omba Poang with support from clan members and other community leaders at Bumayong.

On hand to witness this occasion were Nawaeb District Chief Executive Officer Buds Botike, Lae district court magistrate James Morog, other officials, community leaders and the public at Bumayong.

Poang said as time goes by, the population has increased and while this is happening, law and order problems are also increasing.

He said the bylaws now is trying to minimize law and order problems, encourage respect, peace and allow for development to take place at Bumayong.

He said the purpose of the bylaws is not to pose threats to anyone but it is to be taken as a guide for all including himself and his family members, to encourage peace in the community.

With the current developments in new police station, urban health centre, the market and others that are planned for in the future, such move by community leaders and landowners of Bumayong is a positive one.

Nawaeb Chief Executive Officer, Buds Botike said development cannot take place there as law and order issues have become a barrier and with the bylaws for ward 17 now in place, that will give confidence to possible development in business and services from the government.

He told the people during the launching of the bylaws that Nawaeb District Development Authority will look at assisting ward 17 and surrounding communities with water and power supply but first of all, law and order should be minimized as much as possible.

He thanked Poang and his clan members for accepting people to settle at Bumayong and now taking the lead in ensuring that there is order and peace among the settlers.