Papua New Guinea
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Need for more ATMs in Goroka

At least three clients of the Bank South Pacific on Friday aborted the long queue after serving themselves using their mobile phone banking service in Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province.

Steven Mabom, a teacher at Homu Adventist Primary School in Henganofi district, was in Goroka to deposit some money.

But seeing that the queue was long as usual, he decided to give cash to whoever wants to withdraw from the ATMs.

So he aborted the queue at the BSP building and went to the queue to the BSP ATM stall at the Bird of Paradise Hotel where he met another teacher, Fonta Eran, who is teaching at Karaweri High School in Chuave district, Chimbu Province.

Mr Mabom offered Mr Eran cash if the transfer using mobile phone banking service is successful.

Mr Mabom gave K600 to Mr Eran after notifications in their phones confirm that cash transfer was successful.

Harry Tito from Kama, who was on the queue, approached Mr Mabom and asked for K300, which was given to him after the notifications in their phones confirmed the cash transfer.

Mr Mabom said the thought of resorting to this way to do his deposit in the bank popped up when he was on the queue at the BSP building.

“The line was long and moving slowly and it seemed I was going to be late to catch a rural PMV back home,” he said.

“I decided to give the money to someone who wants to withdraw from the ATM after they transfer the amount into mine using their mobile phones.

Mr Tito expressed concern that long queues to the ATMs moving at a slow pace is blocking the easement for pedestrians, especially on the Fridays of public servants pay week.

“This is a cause of concern and it can be avoided if the ATMs are functioning on Fridays,” Mr Tito said.

Only one out of four ATMs at the Bird of Paradise Hotel was in service on Friday.