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Perpetrators identified, arrests to be made soon says ENB police chief

The Vudal University of Natural Resources and Environment (UNRE) say over K1 million in property was damaged by students.

In a statement released yesterday from the UNRE, Chancellor Chief Dr John Momis said that they have given police the authority to take charge of the ongoing situation in Vudal.

Seven vehicles belonging to the university were burned during the protest and the Student Representative Council have been suspended and its constitution and the statutes enabling it have also been revoked.

One of the vehicles burnt during the protest of students at the Vudal University of Natural Resources and Environment.

East New Britain Provincial Police Commander Chief (PPC) Superintendent Januaris Vosivai told the Post-Courier that perpetrators have been identified.

“Our position at the moment after the decision from the Council and the Senior Management Team (SMT), I think it is very clear we will now immediately effect arrests.

We’ve identified those who are involved in arson and the student body that organised the protest.

“Our main focus for the last one week has been to contain and de-escalate the situation but now we are moving into the phase to arrest the perpetrators now…so we can deal with
them and process them.

That’s the phase we are in now,” he said.

ENB PPC Chief Superintendent Januaris Vosivai

Police have confirmed that they have received information that the majority of the students were being forced to stay with the now disbanded SRC, adding that since last week these students were given the opportunity to ‘isolate’ themselves from the situation.

“Yes. The university has been held under siege. People are being forced to do things against their will. By the SRC and other suspended students.”

Chief Superintendent Vosivai also said they have received reports that some university staff and people outside of the university were also involved in the protest march.

“I’m making a strong appeal that they need to stop. Once the investigation establishes that there is involvement of staff and outside people, we will deal with them…

Our investigations will not be limited to just the school students, we will extend the investigation outside too.

We will try to identify the motive of the protest march. Who is backing the students up and misleading them with information that they can just do a protest march at their own will.”

He said that staff and leaders involved must realise that they are also contributing to violence and destruction of the school.

“If we find them, we will definitely deal with them,”