Papua New Guinea
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PNG-AUS partnership to empower school inspectors

Their joint efforts aim to ensure that every public school in PNG not only complies with but also reaps the benefits of the Department of Education's ambitious reform agenda.

Two significant milestones mark this ongoing partnership. They are the issuance of a brand-new reference manual and training guide, designed to empower both new and existing school inspectors and the first iteration of a new induction program for inspectors.

These resources are set to serve as valuable tools, equipping inspectors with the knowledge and skills necessary to drive quality monitoring and facilitate performance reporting within schools.

Last month witnessed a pivotal moment in this endeavour, as 98 school inspectors hailing from the Southern and Niugini Islands regions embarked on an intensive induction program.

This course was meticulously crafted to ensure that these dedicated professionals are armed with the expertise and insights required to carry out their roles effectively.

Through this training, they are now fully equipped to appraise probationary teachers, provide vital support for school improvement initiatives, and ensure that schools align with and diligently implement the national curriculum and policies.

What makes this partnership even more remarkable is the unwavering commitment to reach every corner of PNG, even the most remote areas. These school inspectors serve as beacons of educational progress, ensuring that the transformative reforms reach every child in the country.

The future of education in PNG looks brighter with the collaboration of Australia and PNG, as they work hand in hand to elevate the standards and opportunities for students across the nation.