Papua New Guinea
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PPL to pay K3m per week to NiuPower

PNG Power Ltd (PPL) will pay NiuPower Ltd K3 million per week to ensure the independent Power Supply maintains supply to the Port Moresby Grid, according to Kumul Consolidated Holdings (KCH).

NiuPower which has been supplying electricity to the Port Moresby Grid from its gas fired plant at Papa-Lealea since 2019, had released a notice stating that it will reduce its power supply to the Port Moresby Grid from July 31st for not sufficiently being paid.

KCH managing director David Kavanamur said that KCH and PPL has been having ongoing discussions with NiuPower and the independent power producer is satisfied with PPL’s commitment to the payment.

“We have ongoing discussions with NiuPower. They are satisfied with the commitments that PPL has assured of its commitment to meeting the payment schedule,”Mr Kavanamur said.

“That’s K3 million per week so that should keep PPL’s side of the bargain and we are just negotiating around outstanding amounts.” Commenting on PPL itself, Mr Kavanamur said it is critical that PNG Power Ltd (PPL) must ensure consistent electricity supply is provided to households and the business community.

“KCH is now working with PPL to ensure grid conditioning to be able to take on power, maintain and reduce technical losses.

“PNG power needs to establish grid stability so that power that is generated gets connected to a stable grid. From KCH’s perspective, we are working aggressively with PPL to ensure grid conditioning just to condition the grid to be able to take on Power, maintain and install power and reduce the technical losses on the grid.

“And then, evacuate that power to customers and get customers to be able to pay for the power that they receive.

“It is very critical for PNG Power to ensure consistency of power supply to households, meaning residence of communities as well as the business community.”