Papua New Guinea
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Public Sector to be further trimmed


ORO Governor Garry Juffa has revealed that the government intends to further shut down numerous duplicate agencies and further improve existing offices to meet international standards.

As Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reforms, he highlighted that the Public Sector in the country is outdated and inefficient in the current era of advanced technology and innovation.

“To develop the economy and the country, we need to have the most innovative, intelligent and productive people. But most of these citizens are either working in the Private Sector or moving overseas for jobs with better conditions and we are losing many of our great minds,” he pointed out.

“We have to cut down the number of our public service and improve the conditions of our public servants to make the public sector an attractive career choice for our top brains”.
“We are working with the New Zealand Public Sector and the Department of Personnel Management to propose solutions on how we can transform our public sector. We are going to have to make some hard decisions,” he said.

He said that the main issue is that the public service is too big and majority of the public servants have become too redundant because the government is stretched thin in regulating their performance.

Therefore efforts undertaken by the Department of Personnel Management will be further strengthened to cut down more redundant and duplicate offices.

“Currently, the numbers of truly committed and patriotic public servants are as low as 10 percent, these people are the ones shouldering the weight of the majority who are not performing up to Government expectations,” he said.

He highlighted that state bodies that have duplicate functions must be disbanded and the government must come down hard on regulation and enforcement of the public sector to maintain efficiency.

“The current spending on public servants is just too much and eats up almost a third of our budget,” he said.

He appealed to Members of Parliament to drive policy agendas that will strengthen and optimize public service delivery in the country.

He commended the Marape-Rosso government and Public Service Minister Joe Sungi for taking drastic steps and producing tangible results so far since taking up office.