Papua New Guinea
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Sepik vanilla ice cream sees significant demand

The Pacific Industries, new range of its Scoops Ice Cream, the “ milk pop sepik vanilla” is seeing a significant demand since its entry into the market.

The Sepik Vanilla extract, sourced from Maprik, East Sepik Province, Milk Pop Sepik Vanilla Scoops Ice Cream is one of the locally produced flavours.

Pacific Industries Director, Everette Chue said the company is seeing an incredible growth of their Scoops Ice Cream range, of which their scoops Sepik Vanilla SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is the most popular with consumers.

“We have experienced significant demand in all the centres where we operate amongst our range of wholesale and retail/supermarket customers.

“This is based on our market intelligence and consumer insights. As we continue to grow this category and ensure we have the product available from as many outlets as possible we expect this growth will continue,” Mr Chue said.

The Sepik Vanilla extract, sourced from Maprik, East Sepik Province, is used in several of the PI Ice cream brands and flavours such as Milk Pops, Choc-Tops, Summer Split, Lamington, Vanilla, 3 in 1 Delight, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Banana Swirl, Fun Time and Caramel Swirl.

The Milk Pop Sepik Vanilla scoops is currently selling at K1.50 at the Stop& Shop, Central Waigan as well as the full range of Scoops Ice Cream at most retail and supermarket outlets around Port Moresby.

All these ice cream brands and flavours are produced by Pacific Industries’ Port Moresby factory located in 6 Mile.

Mr Chue also spoke on the company investment in its cold storage facility as an important investment for its ice cream production. “Having cold storage supply chain is a crucial element to effectively distribute ice cream to every corner of Papua New Guinea.

“This involves having the ability to freight ice cream via freezer container on a ship or truck from our production facility to branches, having freezer warehousing at all our 11 branches across PNG, reliable backup generators, freezer trucks for delivery between branches and stores, display freezers to display and store our products in retail outlets as well as freezer containers to store our product in wholesale distributors.

“To ensure customers receive the highest quality of product that comes out of the factory all of these critical elements of cold storage supply chain must be met,” he said.