Papua New Guinea
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Tree Kangaroo SMART Training

The recent training session facilitated communication between rangers and technical officers, addressing challenges encountered during patrols and with SMART models.

SMART, a specialized software, holds a central role in monitoring wildlife, identifying threats, and optimizing patrol operations within the YUS Conservation Area. It focuses on tracking, analyzing, and reporting spatial data, facilitating informed decision-making.

This program, led by Dillian Nason, aimed to bolster conservation efforts by equipping Conservation Liaison Officers (COs) and Rangers with the skills to effectively use SMART technology.

The YUS Conservation Area, established in 2009 and covering 162,683 hectares, is renowned as the nation's inaugural conservation site. This biodiverse region, home to the endangered Huon or Matchie's tree kangaroo, plays a pivotal role in the Lukautim Graund Program's efforts.

Ranger Robson Soseng, expressing satisfaction with the training, emphasized the importance of SMART Patrol Plans and improved data management. This knowledge is set to streamline their work, reducing the need to send data to Lae for download.

Furthermore, the workshop encouraged collaboration among Rangers and Conservation Liaison Officers, promoting the development of effective work plans within teams and zones. Attendees gained expertise in organizing files, transferring patrol data, and configuring the SMART application on smartphones.

Conservation Liaison Officers acquired skills in editing SMART models and deploying them to Rangers' phones.

James Jio, a Conservation Officer, shared his enthusiasm, recognizing the benefits of this training for understanding SMART and improving the conservation system.

He highlighted the potential for reduced reliance on the Lae office for field data and device communication in the future.

The YUS Conservation Area, a model for national policy and management programs, is supported by an extensive data and monitoring system, fostering effective conservation practices.

The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program remains committed to advancing wildlife and habitat conservation, uplifting local community livelihoods, and safeguarding Papua New Guinea's natural landscape through rigorous scientific research and strategic global partnerships.