Papua New Guinea
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Tuguia Garo - Message Through The Canvas

For those who don’t know what cubism art is, it is an early 20th-century style and movement in art, especially painting, in which perspective with a single viewpoint was abandoned and the use was made of simple geometric shapes, interlocking planes, and, later, collage.

I recently displayed one of my art pieces at an event called Art Activism Night, which allows people to express themselves in all forms of art.

It can be dance, song, poetry, rapping and painting that speaks of troubles faced in society. I believe art is an important form of activism because it allows people to view social issues from a different and broad perspective.

This allows individuals to conceive their own take of the message conveyed through the expressive art, while also getting a hold of how the artwork is portrayed through the artist’s eyes.

Art allows everyone a voice ad an opinion.

What inspired me to do this particular painting is the pain I saw my sister go through. I saw how broken, low and depressed she was when she was at that stage of heartbreak and depression, and this show of powerful emotion drew me to show it on canvas.

Even though I witnessed her allow the emotional pain in to consume her, she eventually learnt to pull through this dark time in her life and step out into the light.

I wanted to portray in my painting that even though you face difficult times and get your heart shattered, we must learn to pick up again and grow from this experience and not allow this pain to define you but bring out the best in you.

My painting depicts how my sister allowed her broken heart to mend itself and over time be whole again, and the bold areas portray the strong character she wore proudly and is the person I know her to be.

The bandage represents no matter how broken you are, you can heal again maybe not completely or perfectly but you can give yourself the opportunity to start over and find the happiness and serenity you deserve.

To this day, my sister through her trials and tribulations is happily married and living her best life with her own little family.

Everything in life that happens may it be good or bad is a lesson to learn, and you must learn to grow from it.