Papua New Guinea
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Volunteers playing their part

Vehicle owners owners driving from Ensisi, University and Gerehu in Moresby Northwest know that as soon as they come to the Waigani there will be traffic.

This is because, Public Motor Vehicles (PMV) hold up the traffic waiting for passengers.

It does not matter how many times you honk your horn or you yell at the PMV drivers, they will move all the way to the front of the line at the traffic lights, and continue to pick up passengers, even when the traffic lights change from green, to orange and then before the number hits one , the bus suddenly takes off leaving the other vehicles in their wake of exhaust fumes and bad taste in their mouth.

But now there is a change, volunteers from the Waigani area have now started to patrol the roadsides and removing drivers who are parking at the wrong place.

Spokesperson Jeff Castro said the decision to undertake this initiative came about through collaboration with several members of the public, PMV drivers and the unemployed youths in the area.

“As residents of Waigani, we have had enough of these unnecessary traffic congestions.

Many PMV and Taxi drivers continue to misbehave along this road, without consideration at all for the others, and this has been a normal practice for years,” he said.

“Waigani will now experience smoother traffic flow because anyone caught impeding traffic will face consequences from our team.

The agreement to start taking action has been made by everyone involved, and so far, we have had many positive feedback from the public.”

“We are also on high look out for drunkards, petty thieves and criminals and we will deal with them if they are found harassing the public.”

He also appealed to the public to use designated bus stops, and not encourage drivers to stop in the footpath side to pick them up.

“This practice must stop once and for all.

The public must learn to respect traffic rules, and appreciate and use the new bus stop that has been built.

I think what the government has built will go to waste if we continue on this behaviour,” he said.

He said the volunteers are working for free, but hopes that the National Capital District Commission can look into engaging them full time.