Papua New Guinea
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Wagambie: Someone has to be held accountable

Assistant Commissioner of Police NCD and Central Anthony Wagambie Jr says failed prosecution for police cases has been treated lightly for too long.

“This will not be the case anymore,” he said.

“Every case dismissed, or struck out will go through the Prosecution Review Committee.

“There has to be a genuine reason why cases are lost.”

ACP Wagambie said: “The prosecution review committee will identify where we went wrong if it was a botched investigation, an investigation without concrete evidence and done for political or other reasons, and if there needs to be capacity building of investigators through training.

“We must know if it is incompetent investigation or if the fault is with prosecutions and police investigators,” he said.

“Someone has to be held accountable and not walk scot-free.”

The acquittal of Lohia Boe Samuel and Fabian Hera has prompted ACP Wagambie to direct the complete review of all cases presented by police.

ACP said: “I have no personal interest in this case and have no ill feelings towards our good MP. I am only performing my duty. And that is to find out where we went wrong.”

The court decision on Wednesday has seen ACP Wagambie to convene a Prosecutions Review Committee to go through all evidence and court transcript of cases that have been thrown out by the courts and were worked by the prosecution and police investigators.

In the case of Samuel and Hera, ACP Wagambie said: “I have a duty to perform, and one of them is to ensure that we the police perform our role justly without prejudice.

We will decide on the next step to take after we review the outcome of such cases.

Whoever is responsible for failing the process will be held accountable for their actions.

There have been too many cases lost without anyone being held to account.

“I have briefed Deputy Commissioner Operations of this,” he added.