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WIBF, an excellent opportunity

The invitations have gone out.
In recent months, our Prime Minster James Marape, has gone to the United States, China and a few other countries selling Papua New Guinea, like no other prime minister before him.

His message has been delivered clearly to the world, come and invest in my country.
His critics have accused him of wasting tax payers’ money on the overseas trips, no one can argue that this country does need more new investments. With a growing young population looking for employment, an economic that is growing sluggishly and a growing population struggling with rising cost of living, PM Marape knows that only more new investments or businesses will ease the burden we carry.

Today, the World Indigenous Business Forum gets underway at the APEC Haus in Port Moresby. If the numbers provided by the organising committee of the WIBF is true, then we have 500 potential international investors already in the country.

The previous evening, at the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium, Port Moresby rolled out a rousing welcome to the visiting delegates from 14 countries, who are here to meet and share their experiences with more than 700 more local businesses who are at this meeting as well.

The Department of International Trade is co-hosting the conference with the National Capital District Commission, and one is hoping that our local businesses will take advantage of the opportunities presented in this forum to network and connect with the international businesses to grow their businesses.

At the opening ceremony, the National Capital District showcased our unique cultures and in the coming days, it is expected that Port Moresby and PNG will be promoted as investment destinations to the international visitors.

“Our country boasts an extraordinary range of natural beauty, from stunning forest landscapes to pristine sandy beaches, valleys and majestic mountains,” Prime Minister James Marape told the delegates when he officially opened the conference.

“Our potential in agriculture is unapparelled, and our tourism industry is yet to be fully explored. We stand as the Pacific’s gateway to the flourishing Asian market,” PM Marape expounded on our huge potential in agriculture, marine resources and tourism, urging those in attendance to consider investing in PNG.

Our Prime Minister has been driving this message repeatedly across the globe, where ever he travelled in recent months and today, the opportunity is here for the local businesses to take up the call.

The WIBF’s objective is to connect indigenous business owners from around the world and it is important that our local businesses take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to market their products and services to the outside world.

As PNG play host to the 500 indigenous business delegates, the President of Hungary, Katalin Eva Veresne Novak flew into Port Moresby yesterday for a two-day visit to the country.

PNG and Hungary may not share many similarities but President Novak will meet with PM Marape to discuss trade and economic cooperation, development cooperation as well as cultural and educational exchange programs.

Again, we expect our Prime Minister to impress upon the European leader about our huge potentials and hopefully, something good comes out of this meeting.